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IQware PMS System


What is SimplyVX?

SimplyVX is an easy short name for a whole collection of complex services and applications that provide a cloud based communications system for hotels.

The simple explanation is it replaces the hotels on-site phone system (PBX) with one of the worlds most advanced cloud based communications systems available today.

The complete service will give you:

  • PBX Functionality
  • Telephone numbers for your hotel
  • Telephone lines for inbound and outbound calling
  • Call Accounting
  • SMS messaging, inbound and outbound
  • Voicemail
  • WakeUp Calling
  • and much, much more.

Integration Functionality

When SimplyVX is integrated with Choice Advantage, a hotel can take advantage of many features / functionality to help in the day to day operation of the hotel.  The functionality available once integrated are:

  • Check-In
    • Checking a guest in will active the phone in the room, set the guest name for caller ID and prepare the voicemail box
  • Check-Out
    • When the guest is checked out, the room phone gets deactivated, caller ID name is reset and voicemail box is cleared out
  • Guest Name
    • When the guest name record has changed in the PMS system, the telephone Caller ID will also change
  • Do Not Disturb
    • Do Not Disturb can be set from the phone or SimplyVX Management Interface (SMI) 
  • Housekeeping / Maid Status Codes
    • Housekeeping staff can go into a room and press a feature code on the phone that will set the status of the room to clean / dirty in the
  • Calling Account Charges Posted to Folio
    • When guest make calls using the hotel room phone, a charge will be calculated based on the hotels desired charges and then posted to the guests folio to be added to the final amount upon check-out.
  • Guest and Reservation Records
    • Guest records and reservation records being imported into SimplyVX Management Interface (SMI) allows the hotel to create contact lists based on several criteria which can be used for mass SMS texts, as an example
    • As more features are implemented in the SimplyVX product, the guest / reservation records will be a central to the communications strategy with the hotel guest, present, past and future


In order to get Choice Advantage and SimplyVX integrated, the requirements are as follows:

  • Active Choice Advantage account
  • Think Simplicity's SimplyVX hardware and services installed at the hotel
  • The appropriate permissions within the SimplyVX Management Interface

How to Sign up

  1. To initiate the setup, the property must contact Think Simplicity directly at .
    The email should contain the following information:
    - Choice Advantage ID#
    - Hotel Name and Address
    - Contact Name and Phone number

  2. Once Think Simplicity has been contacted, a sales rep will reach out to the property to gather the necessary information to provide the hotel with a quote

  3. Upon approval of the quote, a project for the installation of the SimplyVX service will be initiated

  4. Think Simplicity will work closely with the client throughout each phase of the project to collect the required property details and prepare for the onsite installation.

  5. The installation will be scheduled once all the pertinent details have been collected.

  6. Upon completion of the PBX installation, we are now ready to connect Choice Advantage to the SimplyVX communications system

Getting Support

Support is what we do best.  You are never alone when you have Think Simplicity in your corner.  In the event you require assistance, there are many ways to get support:

  • Email
  • Call 1-866-836-9198
  • At the hotel using one of the SimplyVX front desk phones, click the button labeled "TelSupport"
  • Within the SMI, go to SimplySupport --> Create



Getting Choice Advantage Support 

Support is what we do best.  You are never alone when you have Think Simplicity in your corner.  In the event you require assistance, there are many ways to get support:

Contacting Sales

For any questions regarding our services, you can reach our sales department by calling 1-866-836-9198, emailing or using our form at